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The different aspects

Energetic pictures as art prints in four aspects, connected with four the worlds: the world of humans, animals, plants and minerals.
Size 80 x 60 cm

Energetic Art "Ursprung" Energetic Art "Femina"
Energetic Art "Homesickness" Energetic Art "Apollo"


Energetic Art
1. Symbol
(Father aspect)
Joy in life, creativity, wisdom, order, family, relationship, liveliness, the giving principle, protection, inspiration, lightness, centre, healing of the masculine energy, element fire, Chakras 3 en 6.
34 000 Bovis units
Energetic Art
2. Symbol
(Mother aspect)
Mother Nature, love, communication; the receiving principle, the preserving and protecting principle, everything flows, harmony, easies and brings peace in the energy system of the body, healing of the feminine energy, concentration, element earth, Chakras 1 en 8.
38 000 Bovis units
Energetic Art
(Daughter aspect)
Intuition, universal love, ability to revive, healing of deep emotional wounds, grounding and connection to higher spheres, element air, all the upper Chakras.
40 000 Bovis units
Energetic Art
4. Symbol

(Son Aspect)
"To think" with the heart, creativity, improves the artistic gifts, self-love and self-acceptance, healing within the sexual range, gratitude, element water, Chakras 2 en 5.
40 000 Bovis units
Energetic Art
5. Symbol
(Christ All)
Opening of the heart, confidence, submission, blessedness, love, kind-hearted, clearing and healing of the light bodies, forgiveness, building up the light bodies, expressing oneself, element ether, all Chakras.
85 000 Bovis units