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Origin and Effects

How it all started

Certainly you have already experienced these moments in life when you felt completely centred. The energy is streaming through every single cell and it feels as if you are a part of the universe. That's precisely how I felt just before the solar eclipse August 1999. Submerged in the infinity of the universe, I experienced the symbolic power of that moment. I felt the power and the assignment to record this moment and to share it . A symbol with an exceptional emanation and very high vibration came into being. This symbol includes the five elements (fire, water, earth, air, ether) as wel l a s the trinity power of love, wisdom and insight . It perfectly represents the information of the colours of the spectrum as the symbol for all people, for the coherence of body, mind and soul.

I have named it "Origin of Life ®".

Ihr Siegfried O. Müller


Life is light
Life is colour
Life is energy
Life is vibration

The effect of coloured symbols and energetic pictures

The colours and circles (which symbolize the archetype, the unity and the original "being") of Origin of Life ® rebalances disharmonic vibration patterns. A neutral value is created and the harmful effect on the biological system of all living beings disappears.

This art helps the spectator to activate his own potential. The circular shapes show a cosmic connection, on the one hand by their mutual proportion and on the other hand by their combined association. They are connected with each other from their centre, but at the same time they are embedded in one. These energetic drawings remind us of our own origin, of cell division, of deep levels of consciousness, of our "existence".

The effect of colours and forms on humans, animals and plants is one of the great secrets of our planet. This secret is a revolution in the twilight zone between science and the occult knowledge. The specific colour combination points out to the universal patterns and principles.