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Art and Energy Pictures

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Bring colors into your home   Origin of Life energy pictures help create equilibrium in the room s energy through positive oscillation.

The radius of impact varies depending on the size of the pictures.

The functional effects of the color symbols:

Colors and shapes correspond to pulsations and frequencies. They are in resonance with our biological system and strengthen our vitality and our immune system. Colors can heal; this was already well-known to ancient indigenous people. The strongly balancing energy of the color symbol thwarts the effects on our biological system of the harmful radiation emitted by radio transmissions, cellular phones and electromagnetic smog. Colors and shapes, with their effects on humans, animals and the plant world, are part of the great mysteries of our planet.

All our art printings are double sided, and therefore have cubical effects   i.e. they produce their own field of energy and neutralize all fields of disturbances inside as well as outside. Energetic art in all 5 aspects   also connecting with the 4 universes of: Humans, animals, plants and minerals. The effects on the physical body are identical by all 5 aspects.

Depending on the aspect (color), the effects vary on the emotional and spiritual levels. (See Aspects). When making your choice for your art printing, we recommend that you allow your own intuition to drive the process. Please do not choose a personal symbol based on a rational explanation of the underlying theme but instinctively select your emblem. They are available in 10 distinctive symbols and sizes.

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Energetic Art 16x16cm

Product No.: B Mini
15,97 EUR

1 x 'Energetic Art 16x16cm' order
Energetic Art 42x42cm

Product No.: BS-01
41,18 EUR

1 x 'Energetic Art 42x42cm' order
Energetic Art 60x80cm

Product No.: BS-03
57,98 EUR

1 x 'Energetic Art 60x80cm' order

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