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Description:get to know and appreciate the products. Ideas and possibilities for testing.

Important information about Test-Sets:

We are pleased about your interest in our energy products. Following are 2   3 tips regarding your testing:

Taste test with the First-Aid-Card for example with water or acidic beverages such as freshly pressed lemon juice. Use two identical glasses and place one of them on the Energy Card. Please bear in mind that the two test beverages have to be set apart by at least 2 meters in order to avoid the transmissions of waves. Test the beverages after as little as 2 minutes.

We recommend to first sample the energized drink and then the other one as the taste buds may be heavily stimulated by the acidity.

Kinesiologic test with Handy-Care:   A kinesiologist near you can test your body reaction to your cell phone, for example with a kinesiologic arm-pull-down test, first without Handy-Care and then with Handy-Care. Additional possible test applications for therapists besides kinesiologists consist, for example, also in pendulums, twigs or rods for dowsing, aura photography, prognos measuring or EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll).

We wish you lots of fun while testing and experimenting, all the health and success. Your Origin of Life Team. 

Contents: Set with 1 Handy-Care (2 pieces), 1 Energy-Card


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