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Water Countertop Filter Stainless Steel "Easy Change"

Water Countertop Filter Stainless Steel
Product No.: WEF-EC-01
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Optimal filtration system which removes and blocks contaminated information in combination with Origin of Life energizer*

*Origin of Life energizer: (i.e. high energized) energy rich water - with spring water quality - free of particle and pollutants information.

•   Quality German workmanship from a leading filter housing manufacturer -
     certified by the technical inspection authority (TÜV Germany)
•   High sanitary standards of proficiency provide by the new „Easy-Change“
•   A patent activated carbon filter with wide absorptions pores
•   Simple installation to existing tap by toggle valve -
     barred from filter changing defects

Filter technology:  A new Russian and German technology
Prevention of contact with used filter particles through capsuled filter housing provides optimal hygiene.
The combination of the active carbon filter and the MF-micro fiber membrane provides an optimal removement from all contaminations and pollutants.
The raw internal filter material  is coconut peel.

Technical Data   
Adaption: 6,35mm [¼“] PE tube length approx. 1 meter;
Togglevalve M22 inside M24 outside;
Total weight dry: approx. 2,2 kg;  Weight internal filter cartridge: 530g;
Maximum water pressure: 6,3bar / 91, 4psi; water temperature: +5°C - +40°C
Measurements without nozzle: approx. diameter of 80 mm, height of 370 mm,
base diameter 120 mm
Filter case corpus: 2,0 mm thick satin polished stainless steel tube  K240
Outlet: Stainless steel [1.4301];
Capacity window: 3.000-10.000 liter (according to contamination);
Volume of flow: max. 4 to 5 liters / min. approx. 4,0bar (1*);
Internal filter measurement: diameter 78 mm, High 308 mm;
Material white: PP
(1*)  for optimal active carbon block protection  the volume of water was limited per use.

Product specifications and instruction manual

Immediate use is possible with the preassembled fittings. Simply install and connect to the already existing water tap: the aerator in the tap should be exchange with the toggle valve.

The „Easy-Change” counter top system is a special combination high-tech water filtration system with a timeless design and is highly hand crafted to suite customer appeal.

Water Countertop Filter Stainless Steel

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